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12 of 12 October and November 2011

I took the pictures for October but never got around to making the post. So this month, you get a double!


6:51 AM - Starting the day with a bowl of Lucky Charms and the old EW.

7:24 AM - T-shirt of the day. This one's from the Pirates of the Caribbean ride at Disney World.

9:03 AM - My new cup at work. I went with my friend Cory to the Bengals/Bills NFL game and I got this souvenir cup. My team, the Buffalo Bills, came in with a perfect 4-0 record but got beat by the home team by a field goal in the closing seconds. Boo.

11:47 AM - Another turkey and Swiss sandwich for lunch.

12:24 PM - Out for a walk downtown after lunch. These are two statues out front of Metro Hall commemorating our city's and county's namesakes - Louis XVI of France and Thomas Jefferson.

12:35 PM - Our new downtown basketball arena, the KFC Yum! Center. The University of Louisville basketball teams play there.

12:45 PM - A few years ago, the city put a bunch of ceramic horses around the city that had been decorated by some of the city's artists. They called it "Gallopalooza". This one's on East Main Street, about a block and a half from my work.

4:16 PM - Snacking on a banana. I always take the Chiquita sticker off and put it on my tissue box. Chiquita has a lot of different sticker designs.

4:55 PM - The user interface design team is right next to our department. They will sometimes make planning notes on the windows using dry-erase markers.

6:53 PM - My dad was in town and he wanted to take us out to dinner for my birthday (even though it was a week prior). I picked the Irish Rover. I had a salmon and potato gratin that I forgot to take a picture of, but it was good.

10:50 PM - Tomorrow's sandwich today.

11:14 PM - Reading Stephen Baker's Final Jeopardy. Although it sounds like a bad techno-thriller, it's actually about IBM's Jeopardy!-playing computer Watson. I actually got to play against Watson during its development, a few months before the televised game was taped. It was really good, but I saw it get beaten twice, and it still had problems with some Final Jeopardy clues.


7:55 AM - Still haven't turned the heater on. It was 53F in the house when I woke up, but it had warmed up by a degree since then.

8:06 AM - A bowl of store-brand Cheerios. I'm reading the profile on Parks and Recreation star Nick Offerman (Ron f'ing Swanson!) in this past week's EW.

12:05 PM - I went over to my friend Brian's apartment to play some games. I grabbed some lunch from Arby's on the way over.

1:05 PM - We started with a game of Rails of Europe. I hadn't played on that particular map before and got slaughtered by the other three players.

3:15 PM - After Europe, we moved over to the Eastern US map, which I'm more familiar with. I came in third but was only two points behind second.

3:53 - Closing out the game deay with the four-player standby Tichu. This is not a particularly good hand for me.

5:42 PM - Stopping at Half-Price Books to see if they have any new Sue Grafton hardbacks that I don't have. Nothing new today.

5:57 PM - I decided to change the A/C / heater filter. The old one was just a tad dirty.

6:31 PM - Lima beans are always a quick option for something to eat.

6:50 PM - This crossword kicked my ass, but I eventually saw Mr. Happy Pencil. I did have to check letters a few times (the marked squares are where my initial guesses were wrong).

9:26 PM - My sister brought home some birthday cake from my cousin's 13th birthday party.

10:37 PM - Folding laundry. I wear a lot of orange during the last part of October for some reason.

11:06 PM - Reading Ready Player One by Ernest Cline. Do you like 80s pop culture? Well, in the future, if you want a shot at $250,000,000,000, you'd better! When the 80s-obsessed designer of the VR MMO that everyone in the world uses dies and leaves his entire fortune to the first person to make it through a series of challenges to find the easter egg hidden in the game, millions of people start obsessively watching episodes of Family Ties, poring over old Rush albums, and boning up on the intricacies of Pac-Man to discern any clues that might help them find it. But watch out for the minions of the evil mega-corporation that's willing to kill (both in the game and in real life) to get their hands on the money.



Nov. 15th, 2011 01:25 am (UTC)
I want to read Ready Player One! Are you enjoying it?
Nov. 15th, 2011 02:28 am (UTC)
I finished it yesterday. I thought it was really good! It's not high literature, but it's a good pop culture novel.

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