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Musings of a Pop Culture Junkie

Or, Going on Game Shows for Fun and Profit

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5 October 1976
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I have been a contestant on two different game shows, and was close on two others.

I was a five time champion on Jeopardy! in 2004, appearing in two additional games in that year's Tournament of Champions as well as five games in 2005's Ultimate Tournament of Champions (two of those games coming as part of a single two-day match).

I was also a contestant on the second (and apparently final) season of The World Series of Pop Culture in 2007. My team was eliminated in the first round, although two of our rounds went to tiebreakers.

I was in the contestant pool for the syndicated version of The Weakest Link (the version hosted by George Gray) back in 2002, although I was never actually called to appear on the show.

I was in the audience for an 'episode' of The Price is Right that was taped in January of 2007, during the period when the producers were looking for a replacement host for the retiring Bob Barker, and were taping trial episodes with several different possible hosts; my episode was a trial for Whammy! host Todd Newton. The episode never aired, as Drew Carey ended up getting the gig.

I'd still like to find somebody to go with me on The Amazing Race. I think it'd be fun.

There are other, non-game-show related things about me, but none of them are very interesting.

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